25 & 26 May 2024


Budgerigars, canaries, parrots, lovebirds, finches, cockatoos, cockatiels and lorikeets.






Wed 22 May

Before 8am Saturday and Sunday of show

Bird Pavilion

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ENTRANTS IN BIRD COMPETITIONS: When you get your Confirmation Email, open the attachment and print your Exhibit Cards.  Cut them in half.  Keep the Exhibitor’s Card side yourself, (to claim prize money and retrieve your bird after the show) and attach the Exhibit Card side to the front of your cage when you bring it in to the pavilion at the scheduled time.  For those without email addresses, the Exhibit Cards will be supplied by the Show.

ENTRIES CLOSE:   Wednesday 22 May, no late entries will be accepted

ENTRY FEES: Members/Pensioners/Seniors $1.20, Non-Members $2.40

PRIZE MONEY: First $10, Second $6, Third $4

JUDGING: Saturday 25 May 9.00am, Sunday 26 May 9.00am

JUDGE: Brian Deslandes


PAVILION HOURS: OPEN Saturday 8.30am to 6.30pm, Sunday 8.30am to 4.00pm

JUDGING: The judge’s decision is final.

DELIVERY: All birds must be delivered by 8.00am on both Saturday and Sunday.

COLLECTION: All birds to be collected between 5 – 6pm Saturday and 4 – 5pm Sunday unless arranged otherwise with Stewards.

HEALTH: All birds must be delivered in clean cages, with fresh food and water. Exhibitors are requested to ensure their exhibits are in good health and condition when delivered to the Bird Pavilion. Exhibits showing signs of sickness, disease, vermin or poor condition will be refused acceptance. Exhibitors are requested to ensure that exhibits are clean by examining their birds for lice and vermin prior to delivery. Any bird displaying signs of stress whilst on exhibit will be removed.  Properly prepared, clean exhibits in good show condition bring credit to the exhibitors and the show. Please help to maintain a high standard.

HANDLING: Birds are not to be handled after 8am on either Saturday or Sunday, until after judging is completed.

FOOD: Only stewards to feed and water birds after 8.00am.


Caged bird – a bird that is commonly kept in a cage or aviary for breeding or as a pet.

Hand raised bird – a bird that is kept and looked after by a person, rather than by its mother, when young. It is considered a companion bird.


Special Awards:

Champion Bird of Show                          $50 Trophy & Sash          The Darwin & Rural NT Bird Association Inc

Champion Caged Budgerigar                 $35 & Sash                       Kezia Purick MLA

Champion Hand Raised Pet Bird           $35 & Sash                       Kezia Purick MLA

Best Canary                                               $25 & Sash                      Kezia Purick MLA

Best Zebra Finch                                       $25 & Sash                      Kezia Purick MLA

Best Small Parrot/Lorikeet                      $25 & Sash                      Kezia Purick MLA

Best Medium Parrot                                  $25 & Sash                      Kezia Purick MLA

Best Large Parrot/Cockatoo                    $25 & Sash                      Kezia Purick MLA


Saturday – Budgerigars, Canaries, Finches

Class 12001 Budgerigar yellow/white                                             Kevin Harlan

Class 12002 Budgerigar blue                                                            Kevin Harlan

Class 12003 Budgerigar green                                                         Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12004 Budgerigar grey                                                            Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12005 Budgerigar clearwing                                                  Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12006 Budgerigar opaline                                                      Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12007 Australian bush budgerigar                                       Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12008 Budgerigar any other colour                                      Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12009 Canary plain                                                                 The Darwin & Rural NT Bird Association Inc

Class 12010 Canary varied                                                               The Darwin & Rural NT Bird Association Inc

Class 12011 Zebra finch normal grey hen                                     Trainers Irrigation & Maintenance Services

Class 12012 Zebra finch normal grey cock                                   Trainers Irrigation & Maintenance Services

Class 12013 Zebra finch any other colour hen                             Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12014 Zebra finch any other colour cock                           Humpty Do Vet


Sunday – Hand Raised Pet Birds

Class 12015 Budgerigar                                                                    Barden Investments

Class 12016 Lovebird                                                                        Barden Investments

Class 12017 Cockatiel                                                                       Barden Investments

Class 12018 Australian lorikeet rainbow                                        Barden Investments

Class 12019 Australian lorikeet – any other species                   Selina Uibo MLA

Class 12020 Lorikeet exotic                                                            The Darwin & Rural NT Bird Association Inc

Class 12021 Ecelectus parrot                                                          Humpty Doo Post Office

Class 12022 Australian parrot                                                         Humpty Doo Vets

Class 12023 Exotic parrot – small                                                  Derhan Young MLA

Class 12024 Exotic parrot – medium                                             Humpty Doo Vet

Class 12025 Exotic parrot – large                                                  Derhan Young MLA

Class 12026 Australian cockatoo                                                  The Darwin & Rural NT Bird Association Inc