25 & 26 May 2024

School Garden Competition

Schools are encouraged to enter their school food gardens.  Horticultural judges will visit each school entry and judge the best garden, taking into account planning, produce, student and parent participation and eco components of the garden (watering, recycling, compost etc).





School Garden Competition

Fri 10 May

Judges will visit

Space (up to 1 square meter) will be provided in the Horticultural Pavilion at the show for schools to provide highlights of their gardens in the form of a display, photographs and/or produce.  Please indicate if you would like to take up this opportunity on your entry so space can be allocated.

Please email a description of your garden, including indicating if you want to have a display at the show, to entries@fredspassruralshow.org.au, or attach the description when completing the online entry.

Entry Fee: $10 per school

Entries close: Friday 10 May 


School Garden Category 1 (has a paid designated food garden or kitchen teacher/SESO/support worker)                                  

1st    $500                           Clare Construction & Civil

2nd  $100 Voucher            Bunnings Palmerston

3rd   $50 voucher               Tropiculture Australia                                               

School Garden Category 2 (no paid teacher/support staff hours dedicated just to the school food garden)

1st     $500                            Shorebarge

2nd    $100 voucher             Bunnings Palmerston

3rd     $50 voucher               Tropiculture Australia


Class 3110 School Garden Category 1                            

Class 3111 School Garden Category 2