25 & 26 May 2024


Every imaginable breed of poultry – pure breeds, backyard, ducks, geese, turkeys and a new Poultry Young Judges Championships will be held on Sunday.







Thurs 23 May 1pm-6pm

Poultry Pavilion

ENTRIES CLOSE: EXTENDED TO Friday 3 MAY.  No late entries will be accepted

ENTRY FEES: Members/Pensioners/Seniors $1.20, Non-Members $2.40

PRIZE MONEY: First $10, Second $6, Third $4

JUDGING: Friday 24 May at 9am

JUDGE:  Gary Phillips (NSW)

CHIEF STEWARD: Mrs Ros McMillan 0438 831 016


PAVILION HOURS: OPEN at 9 am Saturday and Sunday.  CLOSE at 6.30 pm Saturday and 4 pm Sunday

JUDGING: Judging of all birds will be conducted in accordance with the Australian Poultry Standards.

DELIVERY: All poultry must be delivered to Stewards, Poultry Pavilion, Freds Pass Showgrounds, between 1pm and 6pm on Thursday 23 May and must remain for the duration of the Show.

COLLECTION: All poultry must be removed between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday 26 May.

ENTRIES: PLEASE STATE VARIETY AND COLOUR ON ENTRY FORM. It is anticipated that all entries received will be accepted. However, the Committee reserves the right to reduce the number of entries which may be accepted in any class or classes should there be insufficient penning space to accommodate all entries. Leg bands may be worn but must not identify the owner or breeder.

HEALTH: Exhibitors are requested to ensure their exhibits are in good health and condition when delivered to the Poultry Pavilion. Exhibits showing signs of sickness, disease, vermin or poor condition will be refused acceptance. Exhibitors are requested to ensure that exhibits are clean by examining their birds for lice and vermin prior to delivery. Properly prepared, clean exhibits in good show condition bring credit to the exhibitors and the show. Please help to maintain a high standard.

CLASSES: No exhibit may be entered in more than one class. Should an exhibit be incorrectly entered in more than one class, such exhibit shall be deemed ineligible to compete in any class other than the first one in which its name or particulars appear in this Schedule.

Birds entered in Breeding Classes are not eligible for individual awards of any nature. A new class may be made for three or more of any breed or variety exhibited, with a minimum two exhibitors in that class or at the Chief Steward’s discretion.  In any other variety classes (AOV) please state variety & colour on entry form. In any class when there is more than one colour in the breed the colour should be advised on the entry form.

HANDLING: Birds are not to be handled after 8 am on day of judging.  Birds may be subject to handling by competitors in the Young Judges Championship.  If you DO NOT want your birds included in this competition, please let the steward know when delivering your bird/s to the Poultry Pavilion.

FOOD: Food containers to be removed where necessary by Steward prior to judging. Standard food only in pens prior and during judging. Selected feed can be replaced after judging. Only Stewards to feed and water birds at all times.

EGGS: Eggs laid during show will be disposed of unless special arrangements are made with the chief steward.

DEFINITIONS: A.O.V. = any other variety, A.V. = Any Variety, A.O.C. = Any other colour,

A.C. = any colour, A.B. = Any Breed, O.E.G. = Old English Game.

Breeding Pair = One male and one female (breed to be specified)


Special Awards:

Champion Bird of Show                         $50 & Trophy & Sash    Darwin & Rural Poultry Club

Reserve Champion Bird of Show         $25 & Sash                     Darwin & Rural Poultry Club

Best Junior Exhibit (7 – 17 years)         $15 &Trophy                  Darwin & Rural Poultry Club

Champion Breeding Pair                        $15 & Sash                    Darwin & Rural Poultry Club

Champion Standard Heavy                   $15 & Sash                     Coolalinga Newsagency   

Champion Standard Light                      $15 & Sash                    Selina Uibo MLA

Champion Standard Hardfeather         $15 & Sash                    Barden Investments

Champion Hardfeather Bantam           $15 & Sash                     Dheran Young MLA

Champion Softfeather Bantam            $15 & Sash                     NT Electrical

Champion Bantam                                  $15 & Sash                    Coolalinga Newsagency

Champion Silkie                                      $15 & Sash                    NT Electrical

Champion OEG                                        $15 & Sash                    NT Electrical

Champion Belgian                                   $15 & Sash                    Coolalinga Newsagency

Champion Water Fowl                            $15 & Sash                    Selina Uibo MLA

Champion Turkey                                    $15 & Sash                    Selina Uibo MLA

Champion Backyard Poultry                 $15 & Sash                    Gerry Wood

Standard Heavy Breeds

Class 11001 Australorp Cock A.C.                                                   Humpty Doo Post Office

Class 11002 Australorp Hen A.C.                                                     Humpty Doo Post Office

Class 11003 Australorp Cockerel A.C.                                            Humpty Doo Post Office

Class 11004 Australorp Pullet A.C.                                                  Humpty Doo Amcal Pharmacy

Class 11005 Sussex Cock A.C.                                                         Humpty Doo Amcal Pharmacy

Class 11006 Sussex Hen A.C.                                                           Humpty Doo Amcal Pharmacy

Class 11007 Sussex Cockerel A.C.                                                   Humpty Doo Amcal Pharmacy

Class 11008 Sussex Pullet A.C.                                                        Humpty Doo Amcal Pharmacy

Class 11009 Plymouth Rock Cock A.C.                                           Humpty Doo Post Office

Class 11010 Plymouth Rock Hen A.C.                                             Marion Scrymgour MP

Class 11011 Plymouth Rock Cockerel A.C.                                    Marion Scrymgour MP

Class 11012 Plymouth Rock Pullet A.C.                                          Marion Scrymgour MP

Class 11013 Langshan Cock A.C.                                                     Independent Property Inspectors

Class 11014 Langshan Hen A.C.                                                       Independent Property Inspectors

Class 11015 Langshan Cockerel A.C.                                               Independent Property Inspectors

Class 11016 Langshan Pullet A.C.                                                    Coolalinga Post Office

Class 11017 Wyandotte Cock A.C.                                                    Marion Scrymgour MLA

Class 11018 Wyandotte Hen A.C.                                                      Marion Scrymgour MLA

Class 11019 Wyandotte Cockerel A.C.                                             Marion Scrymgour MLA

Class 11020 Wyandotte Pullet A.C.                                                   Humpty Doo Post Office

Class 11021 A.O.V Heavy Breed Cock                                              NT Electrical

Class 11022 A.O.V Heavy Breed Hen                                                NT Electrical

Class 11023 A.O.V Heavy Breed Cockerel                                        NT Electrical

Class 11024 A.O.V Heavy Breed Pullet                                             NT Electrical

Standard Light Breeds

Class 11025 Ancona Cock A.C.                                                         FRM Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Class 11026 Ancona Hen A.C.                                                           FRM Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Class 11027 Ancona Cockerel A.C.                                                  HD Pumps

Class 11028 Ancona Pullet A.C.                                                        Kezia Purick MLA

Class 11029 Leghorn Cock A.C.                                                        Independent Property Inspectors

Class 11030 Leghorn Hen A.C.                                                          Independent Property Inspectors

Class 11031 Leghorn Cockerel A.C.                                                 HD Pumps

Class 11032 Leghorn Pullet A.C.                                                      HD Pumps

Class 11033 Silkie Cock A.O.C.                                                         Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11034 Silkie Hen A.O.C.                                                           Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11035 Silkie Cockerel A.O.C                                                    Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11036 Silkie Pullet A.O.C.                                                        Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11037 A.O.V Light Breed Cock                                               Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11038 A.O.V. Light Breed Hen                                                Barden Investments

Class 11039 A.O.V Light Breed Cockerel                                        Barden Investments

Class 11040 A.O.V. Light Breed Pullet                                             Coolalinga Post Office

Hardfeather Heavy Breeds

Class 11041 A.V. Hardfeather Heavy Cock                                    Barden Investments

Class 11042 A.V. Hardfeather Heavy Hen                                      Barden Investments    

Class 11043 A.V. Hard Feather Cockerel                                        Barden Investments

Class 11044 A.V. Hard Feather Pullet                                             Barden Investments

Hardfeather Light Breeds

Class 11045 American Game Fowl Cock A.C.                               Barden Investments

Class 11046 American Game Fowl Hen A.C.                                 Barden Investments

Class 11047 American Game Fowl Cockerel A.C.                        Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11048 American Game Fowl Pullet A.C.                              Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11049 O.E.G. Cock A.C.                                                          Barden Investments

Class 11050 O.E.G. Hen A.C.                                                            Barden Investments

Class 11051 O.E.G. Cockerel A.C.                                                    Humpty Doo Vet

Class 11052 O.E.G. Pullet A.C.                                                          Rural Garden Club

Class 11053 A.O.V. Hardfeather Light Cock                                   HD Pumps

Class 11054 A.O.V. Hardfeather Light Hen                                     HD Pumps

Class 11055 A.O.V. Hardfeather Light Cockerel                             HD Pumps

Class 11056 A.O.V. Hardfeather Light Pullet                                  Rural Garden Club

Hardfeather Bantams

Class 11057 Modern Cock A.C.                                                       Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11058 Modern Hen A.C.                                                         Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11059 Modern Cockerel A.C.                                                Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11060 Modern Pullet A.C.                                                      Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11061 O.E.G. Cock A.C.                                                          HD Pumps

Class 11062 O.E.G. Hen A.C.                                                            HD Pumps

Class 11063 O.E.G. Cockerel A.C.                                                   HD Pumps

Class 11064 O.E.G. Pullet A.C.                                                         HD Pumps

Class 11065 A.O.V. Hardfeather Cock                                             Dheran Young MLA 

Class 11066 A.O.V. Hardfeather Hen                                               Dheran Young MLA 

Class 11067 A.O.V. Hardfeather Cockerel                                       Dheran young MLA 

Class 11068 A.O.V. Hardfeather Pullet                                            Nutrien Ag Solutions

Softfeather Bantams

Class 11069 Australorp Cock A.C.                                                   Clare Construction & Civil

Class 11070 Australorp Hen A.C.                                                     Clare Construction & Civil

Class 11071 Australorp Cockerel A.C.                                            Clare Construction & Civil

Class 11072 Australorp Pullet A.C.                                                  Clare Construction & Civil

Class 11073 Belgian Cock A.C.                                                         Marion Scrymgour MP

Class 11074 Belgian Hen A.C.                                                           Marion Scrymgour MP

Class 11075 Belgian Cockerel A.C.                                                   Marion Scrymgour MP

Class 11076 Belgian Pullet A.C.                                                        Marion Scrymgour MP

Class 11077 Pekin Cock A.O.C.                                                         Coolalinga Newsagency

Class 11078 Pekin Hen A.O.C.                                                           Coolalinga Newsagency

Class 11079 Pekin Cockerel A.O.C.                                                   Coolalinga Newsagency

Class 11080 Pekin Pullet A.O.C.                                                         Coolalinga Newsagency

Class 11081 Langshan Cock A.C.                                                      Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11082 Langshan Hen A.C.                                                        Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11083 Langshan Cockerel A.C.                                               Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11084 Langshan Pullet A.C.                                                    Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11185 Rhode Island Cock A.C.                                               Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11186 Rhode Island Hen A.C.                                                 Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11187 Rhode Island Cockerel A.C.                                         Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11188 Rhode Island Pullet A.C.                                              Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11089 A.O.V. Soft Feather Cock                                             Independent Property Inspectors

Class 11090 A.O.V. Soft Feather Hen                                               Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11091 A.O.V. Soft Feather Cockerel                                       Independent Property Inspectors

Class 11092 A.O.V. Soft Feather Pullet                                            Easy Loans Coolalinga

Breeding Pairs

Class 11093 Standard Breed                                                             Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11094 Standard Light Breed                                                   Gerry Wood

Class 11095 Bantam Breed                                                               Easy Loans Coolalinga

Class 11096 Ducks                                                                              Coolalinga Newsagency


Class 11097 Indian Runner Drake A.C.                                             Humpty Doo Amcal Pharmacy

Class 11098 Indian Runner Duck A.C.                                              Humpty Doo Amcal Pharmacy

Class 11099 Light Breed Drake A.O.V.                                              Coolalinga Newagency

Class 11100 Light Breed Duck A.0.V.                                               Rural Garden Supplies

Class 11101 Muscovy Drake A.C.                                                     Rural Garden Supplies

Class 11102 Muscovy Duck A.C.                                                      Rural Garden Supplies

Class 11103 Heavy Drake A.O.V.                                                       Rural Garden Supplies

Class 11104 Heavy Duck A.O.V.                                                        Rural Garden Supplies

Class 11105 Bantam Drake A.O.V.                                                   Humpty Doo Post Office

Class 11106 Bantam Duck A.O.V.                                                    Acacia Hills Farm


Class 11107 Gander A.V.                                                                    Acacia Hills Farm

Class 11108 Goose A.V.                                                                      Acacia Hills Farm


Class 11109 Tom A.C.                                                                        Acacia Hills Farm

Class 11110 Hen A.C.                                                                         Acacia Hills Farm

Backyard Poultry

Class 11111 Large Breed Cock A.C.                                                 Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11112 Large Breed Hen A.C.                                                   Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11113 Bantam Cock A.C.                                                         Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11114 Bantam Hen A.C.                                                          Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11115 Drake A.C.                                                                      Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11116 Duck A.C.                                                                       Nutrien Ag Solutions

Poultry Young Judges Championship

This is an exciting opportunity for young people to compete in a poultry judging competition – a first in the NT.  Entering the Poultry Young Judges Championship is free but there are limited entries – only 5 per age group (7-11 years, 12-17 years and 18-25 years).

Competitors must have at least one bird entered in the pure-bred classes in the 2024 Freds Pass Rural Show (i.e. not Backyard Poultry).

The poultry judge at the 2024 Freds Pass Rural Show, Gary Phillips (NSW), will be the Competition Judge for the Poultry Young Judges Championship. He will run a workshop at the show in the morning on Sunday 26 May 2024 for all those competing, to prepare them for the competition on Sunday afternoon. Other interested people can also attend this workshop.

There are two elements to the competition:

  1. Judging a group of four birds and placing them from 1st to 4th
  2. Explaining to the judge why you have placed them in this order – what are the good points that reflect the standard for that breed; what features are defects.


  1. Enter your own bird/s in a pure-bred class at Freds Pass Rural Show.
  2. Enter as a contestant in your age group.
  3. Nominate which class you wish to judge when it’s time for the competition (probably your own breed e.g. Silkie cockerel, Plymouth Rock pullet).
  4. Competitors will be allowed 8 minutes to judge four birds in the class they’ve nominated. Judging is based on how each competitor catches, examines and returns the bird to the pen, as well as their placings.
  5. Competitors will be allowed 2 minutes to explain their placings to the judge. Competitors will be judged on accuracy of their observations; ability to compare birds; speaking ability; and presentation.

Darwin & Rural Poultry Club will run a pre-show preparation workshop for all entrants to have an opportunity to practice judging and speaking. It is not compulsory.

Competitors will be contacted in May with further information.  Phone Chief Steward Ros McMillan 0438 831 016 with any queries. 

Entries close: 26 April 2024

Prize Money:  1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20 in each age class          Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11117 Poultry Young Judges 7 – 11 years                          Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11118 Poultry Young Judges 12 – 17 years                        Nutrien Ag Solutions

Class 11119 Poultry Young Judges 18 – 25 years                        Nutrien Ag Solutions